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  • We Are Using Aimsun

    by Ehsan Ardakanian
    Saturday, 23 November 2013 News

    Fast Track additions: 

    • You can use public transport preemption in mesoscopic models.
    • You can define ‘Speed Change’ traffic management actions for dynamic simulators for all the sections belonging to a road type or for all the sections in a grouping with just one action.
    • In dynamic and macroscopic experiments you can now define one script to run automatically before running the experiment and a second script after running the experiment.
    • A new model in the microscopic simulator allows you to model two-way overtaking in sections with one lane per direction (currently in alpha mode for testing purposes – we’ll look forward to your feedback on this one!) 

    Other enhancements include the following: 

    • New outputs for groupings: calculation of the mean, sum and weighted mean values.
    • Microscopic simulation vehicles have additional attributes that you can use in View Styles to help calibrate your model.
    • New API functions to obtain node outputs and to add Legion pedestrians.
    • The FZP exporter now includes z-axis coordinates (altitude information).
    • Traffic lights in 3D look better and are correctly located after the intersection.

    Modifications and improvements:

    • Default cooperation values for micro experiments are now set to 80%.
    • We have enhanced how treatment of multiple traffic management actions affects the same location in the dynamic models.
    • You can export a network and microsimulation vehicles as a 3DS or OBJ using the Export Network as a 3D File option.
    • We have resolved the licencing issue that impeded some users from using mesoscopic models with actuated control.

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