What we do

Traffic Micro-Simulating

We are ready to simulate the road and junction networks and validate the results from the model with the reality in the streets. we can also simulate any new changes and Client's plans so with an acceptable Accuracy, clients can see the results. we are using Aimsun, ParkCAD, Synchro, TransCAD, Flowround and many other Softwares.

  • Transportation Planning

    Transportation planning is a field involved with the evaluation, assessment, ...

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  • Traffic Micro-Simulating

    Do not Risk! Do Simulation first.

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  • Renewable Energy

    To achieve a clean environment, Let's step in renewable Energy green path.

  • Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA)

    As part of the City’s subdivision and site plan process, all developments are required to submit a Trip Generation worksheet and, if applicable, a Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) report.

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  • Traffic Engineering

    We uses engineering techniques to achieve the safe and efficient ...

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  • Highway Engineering

    design, construction and maintenance of Highway Systems

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  • Junction Design

    make a Junction, Designed with Creativity and Diversity

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  • Traffic Data Collection and Analysis

    ِDiscovering the ‍impact and causes

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  • Network And Junction Modelling

    Evaluate the Network Traffic Parameters in different Scenarios

  • Traffic Signal Phasing

    Better passing capacity, with a better signal phasing.

  • Bridge Structural Design

  • Public Transportation

    Expand Public Transportation, Save Time, Money and Environment